Minja Gu/ 구민자

2015- 2016 Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten, Gent, Belgium
2007 Korean National University of Arts. M.F.A. Seoul, Korea
2002 Yonsei University, Philosophy. B.A, Seoul, Korea
2000 Hongik University. Painting, B.F.A., Seoul, Korea

2015-2016 International Residency Support - Art Council Korea
2014 New Production Support, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea
2012 Seoul Art Space Hongeun, Seoul, Korea
2011 ISCP studio program, New York
2010 SongEun Arts Award, second prize
2010.9 -2011.7 Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea
2008 Hangar grant & residency, Barcelona, Spain
2008 First Solo Show Support - Arts Council Korea
2007-2008 Ssamzie Space studio program, Seoul, Korea
2007 Soma Drawing Center Archive artist, Seoul, Korea


2013 Personal Reconstruction & Self Expression, Guminja Art Fair
- KimKim Gallery at Takeout Drawing, Seoul, Korea
2011 Atlantic-Pacific co. – Moore Street Market, New York
2009 Identical times - Croft Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group Show
C as in Curry S as in Seen- Marion de Cannier Art Space, Antwerp, Belgium
Who’s Who - Waley Art, Taipei, Taiwan / Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, Korea
Impakt Featival - FotoDok, Utrecht, The Netherlands
The Empty Fox Hole - HISK, Gent, Belgium
Etcetera 4 - SMAK, Gent Belgium
Loner’s Guide – Common Center , Seoul, Korea
HISK Open Studio 2015 – HISK, Gent, Belgium
View From Above - BIN, Turnhout, Belgium
And No Matter What The Phone Rings - the 6th Moscow Biennial Special Exhibition - CCI Fabrica, Moscow, Russia
Table For All - Pohang Museum of Art, Po-Hang, Korea
Anyang Public Art Project – Anyang, Korea
Home/Work – Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, Korea
Once Is Not Enough – Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, Korea
The Part In The Story – Witte de With, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Zoom 2014 – Gallery Dohyang Lee, Paris, France
The Breath of Fresh – Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
New Visions New Voices 2013 - National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Korea
Our Hesitant Dialogues - Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea
Republic of the Two – ARCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea.
Love Impossible – MoA(Seoul National University, Museum of Art), Seoul, Korea
Living As Form(The Nomadic Version) – Anyang Pavilion, Anyang
Trading Future - Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Doing - Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
A Cabinet in the Washing Machine - Seodaemun-gu Recycling Center, Seoul, Korea.
Community Art - Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea
Creative Attitude in that distance – Seoul Art Space Geomcheon, Korea
The 10th SongEun Art Award Show - SongEun Art Space, Seoul, Korea
Gyeonggi Creation Center Open studio - Ansan, Korea
About books - KT&G Sangsang madang, Seoul, Korea
Open Studio-International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York.
Life, No Peace, Only Adventure-Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
Anyang Public Art Project 2010 - Anyang, Korea
Has the line killed the circle? - La general/ Paris, France
Residency parade - Incheon art platform/Incheon, Korea
The 10th Seoul International New Media Festival – Seoul space, Korea
The game of respect - Gallery Sangsang -madang, Seoul, Korea
Saeng-gak - alternative space Banjiha, Daejeon, Korea
VIDEO; VIDE&O - Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea
A fair refereeing - 175 gallery, Seoul, Korea
NOW WHAT - Hamilton space, Seoul, Korea
Ssamzie Open Studio exhibition : Ssamzie Space. Seoul Korea
08 Taipei Biennial : Taipei fine art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Gu minja, Kim Youngeun : 175 Gallery ,Seoul, Korea
Drawing open-end : KNUA gallery-(Opening of New Hall), Seoul, Korea
Borderless Horizen : KNUA New Hall gallery, Seoul, Korea
Don’t emigrate 3 : Dong-soong 9 scene - Jungmiso, Seoul, korea
Vocalise : Song without words - 175 gallery, Seoul, Korea
Other Activities
2008 One and the others – Hangar, Barcelona, Spain(with Sabi Yun)
2009 I, You, they and their friends – Space Hamilton, Seoul, Korea
2010 The specific one moment – GCC, Korea
2014 Korean National University of Arts, Korea
2012, 2013 Pangyo Eco Center, Korea
2013, 2014 Kaywon University of Art &Design, Korea
2011, 2014 Chugye University of Arts, Korea
2008-2013 Gongju National Teacher's Colleage, Korea
2008 Symposion : on love – Ssamzie Space
2009 CHOCK; Hunhwaga–Workroom press
2011 Jamon,Paella, Barcelona - AC publishing
Samgeopsal, Bibimbop, Seoul – AC publishing